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Digital Advantages:

1. No tuning needed... EVER!!! The cost of tuning is going up. If you are tuning your piano, as you should, twice a year, the Digital will save you at least $100 a year from now on!

2. No maintenance. All you need to do is put your digital piano on a surge protector as soon as you get home. Allow no food or drinks around the piano. Keep it out of direct sunlight (to protect the finish) and dust it once in a while.

3. Portability. An acoustic piano usually weighs 450 to 500 punds. You bring it into your home and it stays in one place. With a digital piano, you can change places as many times as you change your mind! The weight is from 100 to 200 punds.

4. Headphones. From now on, you don't have to worry about the family complaining because they can't hear the TV because you are practicing on the piano. You can play without disturbing anyone else. They will only hear the keys move. This is great for those who live in an apartment or close quarters.

5. Many Voices. Most digital pianos come with several piano sounds, strings, organ and harpsichord. The ability to combine two or more sounds makes playing more fun. Rather than being required to practice for 30 minutes, you can practice your piece with the piano, harpsichord, vibes, strings, organ, piano and strings and by that time, you have practiced an hour! You can also record youself and play along with youself. Most digitals have metronomes to help keep you playing correctly. As you move from the less expensive digitals, you will find more and more ways to make playing fun and encouraging.

6. Electronic Interface. Most digital pianos have a MIDI interface capability which allows you to connect your piano to a computer and enjoy the benefits of digital technology. Download your favorite songs and learn to play!!!

Digital Drawbacks:

1. If you sit down at an acoustic piano and then sit down at a digital piano, there are differences in sound just like you will find differences in the nuance of an electric guitar and an acoustic gutar.

2. For they very accomplished pianist, they will find the digital piano limits their ability to add color as they can with a "real" piano.

3. Electronics may fail. By placing your digital piano on a surge protector, you can protect yourself from a major cause of problems with electronics, electric surges. However, if you have a "brown out" it may ruin the main CPU board of your piano. The most you will pay is around $700 for this part, plus labor. If you figure in the cost you are saving from no tuning, this isn't bad. Some of the problems we have seen are the CPU board,  springs under the keys and/or pedals needing replacing. Someone spilt juice in a keyboard and the pet hair may get under the keys after a few years requiring a cleaning. All of these problems are few and far between from our experience.

4. The technology of electronics is constantly changing. After four or five years (especially a digital ensemble) you may find your piano may become obsolete. An acoustic piano may be handed down from parent to child if the piano is maintained correctly. 

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