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EZ Play Adult Group Lessons
Whether you are 15 or 85 you will have a fantastic time learning to play! Did you take lessons as a child, quit and now you wish you hadn’t? Join the rest of us who did the same thing! Whether you have had a few lessons or none at all, you will have a great time learning to play the “EZ Play” way.

You will join a group of up to 6 other people who are joining the class for the same reasons you are…fun!!! You will play a wonderful digital piano and use headphones for practice so you don’t have to worry about everyone hearing you! You will make new friends as you make music…you are going to learn a new song every week!

Learn to play using chords in your left hand and read the notes with your right. You can’t afford not to try, look how long you have waited and remember YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN so don’t even think that!!!

We will start a new class when we have 6 people who are available at the same time. We have classes during the day and in the evening which means no excuses!!!

This class meets every week for one hour for only $29.95 a month plus your book. You can’t afford NOT to try!! Get a friend by the hand and join us for EZ Play!

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