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Making music is beneficial to people of all ages.It positively affects children in their development of cognitive skills; teens by building confidence and connecting them socially; adults through reducing stress; and seniors by “exercising” the brain. Strumming the guitar or playing the piano is not only cool; it also:

• builds confidence
• creates social connections / bonds
• inspires creativity
• increases productivity

Plus, everyone knows music is fun and provides entertainment and enjoyment, but not all know that music making has been scientifically proven to:

• exercise the brain
• fight memory loss
• reduce stress
• lower blood pressure
• stave off depression
• enhance cognitive development in children

It's never too late to pick up an instrument and learn how music making can be an integral part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. And, don’t forget, making music inspires a passion that can last a lifetime!

Take a look at our huge selection of classes, find one that fits you, and come join us!